October Favourites

Monthly favourites are some of my favourite blogs to read so I thought I’d give one a go myself. This month I’ve mostly just been working and looking forward to the weekends. I’ve been to a few gigs, had a night out dressed as Madonna and a night out dressed as a cat, visited a friend in Sheffield and got to see my best friend who came up from Surrey. All in all, a good month. So, let’s get into it…

Jumpers – Now that the weather is getting colder I am super happy about the fact I can start wearing jumpers again. I have an old cable knit white one, a brown wool one, and a soft navy one that I bought a couple of months ago. I’d really like more but I’m trying to only buy clothing that will last me a long time and the stuff I can afford right now will probably only last about a few months.

victoria-bilsborough-232765image credit 

Portobello Road Gin – I went to a pub quiz on International Gin & Tonic Day and, naturally, asked for a gin & tonic when Ben offered to get me a drink. He brought back the best gin and tonic I have ever tasted. It was Portobello road gin & tonic served with orange slices. Soooo good. I actually spilled it trying to take a photo and had to go buy another one.

portobello road ginimage credit

Oat Milk – I don’t drink dairy milk because I used to get really bad stomach aches when I was a teenager and when I swapped to soya milk the stomach aches stopped. Obviously, I’ve never started again because a) why would I? and b) it’s claggy and gross. Anyway, recently I started buying oat milk instead of soya and I’ve decided I prefer it. You can get a type of Oatly that froths up nicely for coffee and doesn’t separate like soya milk. Plus, oats seem to have a really good effect on my skin so I figured it was probably good for me.

text about oatly milkimage credit

Stranger Things 2 – I’ve been so excited for this! I’m on episode three and I’m hooked. No one spoil it for me.

Stuff You Should Know – I’ve been listening to the SYSK podcast on and off for a couple of years and I still love it. I usually listen to it on a morning when I’m walking to work and it does a really good job of gently waking my brain up.

Ecover – After watching a couple of documentaries on the damage plastic causes to the environment, I’ve been trying to find ways I can reduce the amount of plastic I buy. One of the things I’ve been doing is buying ecover washing up liquid and taking it to the shop to be refilled. Because I like the washing up liquid so much, I’ve started getting other ecover products too – dishwasher tablets, laundry detergent and toilet cleaner have all made their way into my home. I genuinely find this stuff exciting.

ecoverimage credit

LUSH mango bath melt – I love LUSH products and I especially love them when it’s cold and dark outside. This month, I treated myself to a mango bath melt. These are the ones that you pop in the bath as you’re running it and they melt into the water and smell lovely and make your skin really nice and soft.


Lentil shepherds pie – or pretty much lentil anything. I ordered 6 tins of lentils in my last shop. We’ll be making; lentil shepherds pie, lentil and veggie sausage tray bake with hasselback potatoes, lentil and halloumi salad, and a lentil based buddha bowl with brown rice & sweet potatoes. All warming and nourishing and protein packed 🙂 Happy veggies.

Have you tried any of these things? Let me know in the comments.


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